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October  9,  2014

There is overwhelming evidence that George W. Bush and his co-conspirators took America to war in Iraq by lying to congress and the American people.  Therefore, under existing law, Bush and his co-conspirators are guilty of murder for the deaths of  4,486   American soldiers that died in Iraq.  Alameda County has the jurisdiction to prosecute Bush and his co-conspirators for the deaths of Americans that were killed in Iraq. 

Although federal court is the best jurisdiction, federal authorities announced in 2009 that they would not be prosecuting any member of the Bush administration.  County prosecutors now have authority due to overlapping jurisdiction.  There is sufficient evidence to compel Bush and some members of his administration to defend themselves in court.  The facts and resources have been well-established.
Alameda County only has jurisdiction to prosecute Bush for the deaths of those Americans that died in the Iraq war that were residents of the county, not for the deaths of any person that lived outside the county.

The organization is committed to providing information about the prosecution to the general public.  We will move the prosecution forward if there is specific public support.   Please check the meeting schedule for updates.


The source of the information is Vince Bugliosi.  He’s best known for prosecuting Charles Manson in the early 1970’s.  He has successfully prosecuted 105 out of 106 felony jury trials during his career and is widely regarded as the most effective prosecutor in American history.  He’s still an active member of the California State Bar and he’s willing to be appointed special prosecutor. 

Before the 2003 invasion of Iraq, the CIA produced a 93-page classified document, the National Intelligence Estimate or NIE.  The 16 intelligence agencies that created the NIE all agreed that Iraq was not an imminent threat to the United States.   The White House and the CIA then created a
25-page unclassified document known as the  ‘white paper.’   That document was given to congress and it was supposed to be a summary of the NIE.  It wasn’t a summary because all dissent and key judgments were removed.  The fact that Iraq was not an imminent threat was not included in the white paper.  The NIE was declassified years ago and Vince compared it against the white paper.    Because congress and the American people were deceived, congressional consent was invalid. 

There is a significant amount of other evidence that will be used against Bush and his co-conspirators.  They will be prosecuted for conspiracy to commit murder and for murder.  The crime has been solved but it has not yet been prosecuted.

The legal justification for invading another country is not determined by the presence or absence of weapons of mass destruction.  We know for a fact that countries such as North Korea, China, France and Israel have WMD.  We don’t invade these countries because American intelligence has determined that they are not an imminent threat.  An imminent threat is the only justifiable cause for the homicides that will result from an attack. 

According to the Lancet Survey, approximately one million people have already died as a result of the 2003 invasion of Iraq.  The Lancet is one of the oldest medical journals in the world and the study was peer-reviewed.   We can only prosecute Bush for the deaths of Alameda County residents that were killed in Iraq.  The county has this authority due to the Effects Doctrine:   If a crime is committed outside the territorial jurisdiction of the state, but has injurious effects within the state, then the state has the authority to prosecute.   

Other information: 

Hans Blix and 150 United Nations weapons inspectors were in Iraq and had no access problems in the months leading to the March 2003 invasion.  They found nothing and reported this to the U.N.    Bush forced the inspectors out of Iraq before they could deliver their final report to the U.N.  No WMD were ever found.  Blix has training in international law and he has declared that the Iraq war was illegal.  

The Congressional Budget Office has estimated that the cost of the 2003 Iraq invasion will cost America $1.9 trillion by the year 2017.  This $1.9 trillion includes long-term health care for returning veterans and interest payments.  As a reminder, there is little or no health care for injured and maimed Iraqis. 


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